Administrative module

модуль для букмекерских контор

The administrative module – is a full management of the betting business

It is convenient to manage and control the betting business with Rub90. No matter, have you one cash desk or a wide network of the betting clubs, you will always be able to manage all the cash desks/clubs and overwatch their activity in real time 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

The administrative module allows keeping the full financial accounting of the betting company (offline, online and mobile) and forming detailed analytical reports for the analysis of the betting company work.

Key features:

  1. Management of the betting shop in the online mode 24/7;
  2. Setting up of cash desks;
  3. Full control of the players' activity;
  4. Expanded financial reports;
  5. Analytical data: detailed and summary reporting.

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