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Betting Terminal 2.0: New Opportunities for Business

Rub90 is proud to present new generation of self-service betting terminals for betting shops - the product, which opens up fresh opportunities for gamblers and adjusts to the needs of betting business.

Depending on spacing in the club, Single View or Dual View terminal can be used. Both options can be configured for mouse or touchscreen operations.

Everything needed for the full immersion gaming and increasing number of stakes in the betting shop:

  • Live Center - visualization of the match key episodes;
  • Live Streaming - live events broadcasting;
  • event live statistics.

Advantages for betting business:

  1. increasing number of bets;
  2. staff costs saving;
  3. no cashier’s errors while accepting bets;
  4. maximum gamblers’ involvement;
  5. increasing clients’ loyalty;
  6. extending operating hours up to 24x7 –
    no additional staff expenditures needed.

Benefits for gamblers:

  1. sports and fast games bets without waiting in line to the cashdesk;
  2. Live Center and Live Streaming of the selected event are always in view;
  3. live statistics for new bets;
  4. quick access to events results;
  5. stake checkup without registration;
  6. opportunity to temporarily reserve a terminal.

Recommended hardware:

All-in-one computer or PC
  • screens with 1920x1080 resolution (connection via HDMI or DVI);
  • Intel CPU with 1.1 GHz+ core frequency ;
  • 2 Gb+ RAM;
  • 32Gb+ HDD / SDD;
  • Intel HD Graphics (Series 4000 or newer) GPU;
  • Ethernet and / or Wi-Fi;
  • 4xUSB, COM (in case of using Posiflex Aura PP6800 thermal printer);
  • mouse.
Thermal printer (optionally)


  • Posiflex Aura PP6800;
  • Posiflex Aura PP6900.

RFID cards reader


  • IronLogic Z-2 USF;

  • IronLogic Z-2 USF MF.

RFID cards


  • Mifare Classic 1k;
  • Mifare Classic 4k.

The central management of all terminals of the betting club from one desk will be incontestable plus for you.


In order to start using this product a number of additional permissions or licensing may be needed. Legislation of particular states can contain prohibition on the usage of the abovementioned software package fully or its separate parts.


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