Cash module

Букмекерская касса

The Rub90 cash module allows the bets accepting in 4 clicks

The cash desk of the betting shop performs one of the major functions – it is bets acceptance from the players. We offer the unique search of sports events meticulously developed the slip functionality, further capabilities for monitors setting and the prematch sportsbook print, and also the print of results.

Key points:

  1. System of fast acceptance of the bets;
  2. The checks printing, implementation of payments on the calculated bets;
  3. Attractive and intuitively intelligible interface;
  4. Easy of navigation through the cash desk sections;
  5. General structure of the Sports and Game sections;
  6. Formation of reports on cashiers shift;
  7. Possibility of communication with a support service from any page (Chat);
  8. Printing the results.

The meticulously developed qualitative safety system is put in the basic aspects of the cash desk working capacity.

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