Live Center


Live Center illustrates the key points of the game allowing the player to stay aware of everything happening on the field

Live Center is implemented in the format of a widget that allows player to observe the graphical visualization of sporting events and gives the opportunity to analyze event information at any stage. Live Center is especially useful when the broadcast of the event is unavailable.

The product is available for most sports (including football, basketball, tennis, hockey, volleyball) in the self-service terminals, desktop and mobile versions of the gaming site.

Key features:

  • Pre-match data allows you to bet before the event, based on many factors (weather and pitch conditions);
  • Graphic visualization of all match incidents in real-time mode;
  • A constantly updated comprehensive intermediate statistics, which gives the opportunity to make informed Live bets;
  • List of events, which occurred during the match is available in the Summary section.
  • Widget can be transformed to the changing needs of the player:
  • You can zoom in/out/minimize/expand the widget window;
  • Provides the ability to switch between Live Streaming and Live Center (if the event provides both tupes of visualization);
  • You can pin selected event from the list by pressing the appropriate button, after which the Live Center is still available for it, even if the player browses the other sections of the site;
  • Possibility to control audio volume.

Live Center can be integrated with third party developers software through the API.


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