Offline solutions

программное обеспечение для букмекерской работы

Offline solutions – are the software for full-function work of the betting shop

Offline solutionsof Rub90 ensure uninterrupted and most effective functioning of the betting shop – from cashier's work to financial reporting.

The software of Rub90 is certified and corresponds to the quality standards. All components are developed with usage of advanced technologies, considering worldwide trend and being geared to successful practice of leading betting shops.

Offline solutions include:

  1. Betting Shop Control Panel – is a management system of the betting club in one module;
  2. The cash module – is a tool for service of players and the internal account;
  3. Terminal solutions – is a development for the players self-service in the betting club;
  4. Betting Content Management System – is a content management system on the displays:
    1. Custom view – is a management and display representation of an actual content;
    2. Sportsbook TV – is the television translations of the sports events by one package;
    3. Digital Signage – is an integration of television translations of the sports events with the Live odds.

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