Jackpots: your progressive profit 

We are very excited to present our unique solution for online and offline operations – the jackpots. You will be able to offer jackpots not only in betting games, but in sports betting as well. This innovation will give players better chances to increase their gaining by motivating them to make more bets.   

Jackpots is a solution that makes sports betting and betting games even more fun.

Advantages for partners:

  1. Option to choose certain products, which bets can be placed in the lots: sports only, games only, games and sports.  
  2. Setting the types of bets available in the lots (singles, multiple bets).  
  3. Controlled percent of deductions from every bet towards the jackpot fund.  
  4. Online monitoring of jackpots for players via betting shop monitors, on the terminal, on either desktop or mobile versions of the website.

Advantages for players:

  1. Convenient display of jackpots via betting shop monitors (players are able to observe how the jackpot amount increases, when it falls out and the history of winnings).
  2. System winnings notifications.

Two types of partner jackpots:

  • Club partner jackpot is played among the players of a specific partner club;
  • Network partner jackpot is played among the players of all the partner clubs.

Jackpots will be a useful tool for attracting and retaining players for partners that want to increase the turnover of the bookmaking network.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact our technical support or partner department managers.


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