Sportsbook TV Coming soon!

трансляции спортивных событий для букмекерских контор

Sportsbook TV – is providing the most popular television translations of sports events by one package

Estimate absolutely new unique solution for the betting club - all sports channels in one package, operated from one panel at only 1 Mbit/c speed of Internet!

About 100 channels with the most popular sports and the championships:


Ease of connection and use of video translations will pleasantly surprise you.

Key points:

  1. Package of the sports events from leading suppliers of sports online 24/7 translations;
  2. About 100 channels;
  3. Ease of choice and switching of channels without control panels;
  4. Display on monitors the sports events translation in Full HD resolution;
  5. Video translation doesn't demand the Internet connection.

Sportsbook TV opens possibilities of comprehensive management of a video content on displays from one panel.

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