Digital Signage Coming soon!

наложения букмекерских котировок на TV трансляцию

Digital Signage – is a possibility of betting quotations imposing on TV translation

It is unique development from Rub90 which allows combining LIVE odds and TV-translation of any sports event from a large number of channels at only 1 Mbit/c speed of Internet!

The latest digital technologies for the betting business from Rub90 enable to combine television translations of sports events in HD quality with the Live sportsbook, advertizing, information and other content.

Key points:

  1. Minimum requirements to the Internet connection speed of 1 Mbps;
  2. Optimum usage of displays in BS, thanks to display video and odds at the same time;
  3. Easy of odds tracking on one sports event;
  4. Presence of different combining samples of the video translations and the live odds;
  5. Presence of single control system of content.

Digital Signage will provide increase in the number of bets, and as a result will raise profit of the betting club.

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